Hari Om Mandir is a religious, social and charitable institution!

Hari Om Mandir is a religious, social and charitable institution. It is a registered body under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. The aims and objectives of Hari Om Mandir are to propagate Hindu religious and spiritual ideals, to promote social, educational charitable and cultural awareness, to hold Kirtan and Satsang, to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays of Hindu Avtars, saints and patriots, to provide facilities for research on Hindu religious topics, to provide facilities for religious and social library, to provide financial assistance for medical treatment, education and for other purposes to needy persons, etc.

Man’s natural hunger for material gains and worldly pleasures has been recognized. But that is not all. Road to prayer has also been chalked out for his spiritual fulfillment. Therefore, to cater to the spiritual needs, spiritual fulfillment and to make him a useful unit in social order, a few devout Sindhi workers came forward to create a bit of history Bugle was blown. On 7th November 1954 a small team of devout Sindhis of Lucknow set out to create a bit of history.. A religious organization named Shri Har Mandir was established in small rented premises of Kasturba Nari Shala, 22, B. N.Road, Lalbagh, Lucknow. The ceremony was blessed by Sindh’s Sufi Sant Dr. Rochaldas.

Thereafter, this multi-purpose, social, religious and charitable organization got a new name HARI OM MANDIR and it was got registered on 7th November 1987 under the Societies’ Registration Act XXI of 1860 with its new constitution dated 27th April 1986. In the years that followed, “Hari Om Mandir” was evolved. Plant planted more than six decades ago has grown into a full-fledged tree now. Today, Hari Om Mandir is Lucknow’s most prestigious and premier religious, social and charitable institution. It celebrated its Golden Jubilee in the year 2004.

After this, Mandir in its new Avatar began its new journey to serve the community and uphold the cause of humanity.

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